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Jericho - The key to the Land of Israel

Jericho Mosaic

Jericho mosaic
Tel Jericho - conquered by Joshua through a great miracle
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Forthcoming Activities

Shabbat dedicated to Moses in Beit Hogla

בית חגלה על פני יריחו

Shabbat dedicated to our Teacher Moses, on the occasion of his Hilula, will take place in Beit Hogla Opposite Mt Nebo

On Parashat Truma,

Guest of honour:
Rav Dr Hagi Ben-Artzi. More 

The Anniversary of our Teacher Moses

Prayer with Shofars opposite Mt Nebo

As in previous years, we give honour to our Teacher Moses on the day of his birth and of his departure from this world on Mt Nebo. We mark the occasion with prayers on the bank of the Jordan in front of Mt Nebo...

On , in the afternoon.

Special prayers composed by the Mekubal Rav Yeshua Ben Shushan will be recited on the bank of the Jordan. More 

Praying and Studying in Jericho

New month prayer in Shalom al Israel synagogue in Jericho

In the ancient Shalom al Israel synagogue between 08:30 and 11:30 AM on every Friday (if we can organise a group). We will also visit the ancient Naaran synagogue.

Full details 

Sunday Evening Beit Midrash

דגל ישראל

Midreshet Nevia of Beit Hogla invites you on Sunday evenings (17:00 to 20:00), once every four weeks, to a Torah study evening in the spirit of the Land of Israel with Rav Avraham Blass and Rav Dr Hagi BenArtzi.

Next meeting on .


* Listen to previous lessons (in Hebrew).

Rav Rozilio's Breslaver Shiur

הרב דורון רוזיליו

Fascinating insights into the the spirit of the Torah.

Now every Tuesday evening in Beit Hogla (in Hebrew).

* Listen to previous lessons (in Hebrew).

Shaharit Prayer in Naaran

בית הכנסת נערן

A few times a month we hold a shaharit prayer in the ancient Naaran synagogue on the north-west edge of Jericho... Full details 

Visiting the Holy City of Jericho

Shalom al Israel mosaic centrepiece
The centrepiece of the ancient mosaic of the Shalom al Israel synagogue in Jericho

Artcle written by: Ari Z. Zivotofsky & Yosef N. Zivotofsky

In-depth illustrated article about Jericho, its significance and its history, as well as personal impressions on a visit to the Shalom-al Israel synagogue during Hannukah 2010. Also, a movie of the New Month prayer...
Read the article... 

A Great Hanukka Tour of Jericho

Hasmonean Palaces in Jericho
Mikve in the Hasmonean Palaces in Jericho

Thank G-d, the access to the city is now easier, and we brought three groups, on three different days of Hanukka into the city, and we visited important sites....
Read the article... 

The Anniversary of the Conquest of Jericho

Blowing the Shofar round Jericho
Blowing the Shofar round Jericho

Jericho was conquered by Joshua bin Nun on the 28th of Nissan. The People of Israel went round the walls of the city blowing ram's horns for 6 days; on the 7th day the walls were absorbed into the ground.

We celebrate the anniversary of this miraculous event every year on the 28th Nissan, by circling the city of Jericho, blowing ram’s horns and reciting special prayers.

This is the account of the event which took place on the 28th Nissan 2011...Read the article 

We greeted the month of Adar with great Joy

On the 1st of Adar B 2011, two Yeshivot, the chairman of the Yesha Council and people from all over Israel - altogether close to 100 people - prayed in the ancient "Shalom al Israel" synagogue in Jericho. To our shame, the Israeli army (which accompanies us inside Jericho) coordinates our entry to the city with the PLO regime.

Blowing the Shofar round Jericho
Walking to Jericho

The latter did not agree to let us in at the agreed hour. Only when we got off the buses and started walking to Jericho, did the Israeli army relent, and pressurised the PLO regime to agree to our immediate entry. Because of the large public, we had two Minianim, one in the Yeshiva on the 1st floor and another in the synagogue below, around the ancient mosaic. There was much singing and dancing.

Read the Jerusalem Post article 

Film - Guided Tour of Jericho


Erna Covos leads us into Jericho from the city's north-west entrance towards the ancient Shalom al Israel synagogue, which is right next to Tel Jericho, the biblical city conquered by Joshua bin Nun.

The past and the present meet - the conquest of Joshua, the now rampart-less remains of ancient Jericho, the ancient Hasmonean cemetery, the fresh-water springs of Diuk and Elisha, and of course the two ancient synagogues of Naaran and Shalom al Israel, where Jews have returned to pray despite the present Arab occupation.

The film is in Hebrew and in two parts: Part 1   Part 2 

Volunteering in Beit Hogla


Beit Hogla always welcomes:

  • Helping hands in agriculture - groups can come for a week at a time or for a few days at a time
  • Families or singles who want to make their home in this beautiful place
  • Are there people from Gush Katif who want to participate in the development of the farm? Here, we also cultivate on the sand, here also we experience the special blessing which Itzhak received in Grar (which is after all Gush Katif).

Contact: Erna 052-8699300.

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