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Forthcoming Activities

28th Nissan – the anniversary of the conquest of Jericho

Jericho - תקיעת שופר מול יריחו
Sounding the Shofar outside Jericho

Immediately after the first Pessah in the Land of Israel, the People of Israel under the leadership of Joshua Bin Nun circled the walls of Jericho with trumpets and shofars every day. On the 7th day, which was on the Shabbat the 28th of Nissan, the walls were circled 7 times and miraculously came down…

  • We will celebrate this event on
  • We will pray Shaharit in the Shalom al Israel synagogue in Jericho, blow the Shofar and tour the ruins of ancient Jericho, as well as the Naaran synagogue on the northern edge of Jericho.
  • Guest speaker: Rav Dr Hagi Ben-Artzi.

Transport will be provided from Binyanei HaUmah in Jerusalem departing at 6:00 AM. Or come directly to Moshav Naama on Highway 90 at 7:00AM.

You must register in advance: Erna, tel 052-8699300, Yoni, tel 052-3527313. Cost 50 sh per person, 30 sh for yehiva boys, students and soldiers.

Beit Midrash in Beit Hogla (in Hebrew)

דגל ישראלו
Celebrating the return of the People of Israel to its Land

Midreshet Nevia of Beit Hogla invites you, on Sunday evenings (17:00 to 20:00) once every four weeks, to a Torah study evening in the spirit of the Land of Israel with Rav Avraham Blass and Rav Dr Hagi BenArtzi.


Next meeting on .

  • Rav Dr Avraham Blass will familiarise us with the world of the Jerusalem Talmud
  • Rav Dr Hagi Ben Artzi has started a new series of talks about the talk about the book Orot by Rav Avraham Ithak HaCohen Kook, of blessed memory.

General info

By car: Beit Hogla is on Highway 90, two kilometers north of the old Beit HaArava junction. See the map.

By bus: Take the EGGED 961 or 948 bus from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station; alight at the “Mul Nevo” army base, 2 km after the turn-off from Highway 1 to Highway 90.

The evening ends in time to catch the last 961 bus back to Jerusalem.

For more info, phone Erna at 052-8699300 or Leah at 054-7567259. - Before you come, make sure the lesson is taking place!!

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Torah Study in Jericho

New month prayer in Shalom al Israel synagogue in Jericho
Praying in the Shalom al Israel in Jericho

Support the return to the holy city of Jericho!

The first city conquered by Joshua!

The key to the Land of Israel!

We will hold a prayer service and a Torah lesson in the ancient Shalom al Israel synagogue in Jericho.

  • Between 08:30 and 11:30 AM on every Friday (if we can organise a group).
  • We will also visit the ancient Naaran synagogue on the northern edge of Jericho.
  • You must book in advance: Phone Erna 052-8699300 or Yoni 052-3527313. Cost (to cover transport to Jericho): 50sh per person. Yeshiva Bochur, youth, soldiers and students: 20 sh per person.

Getting There

  • By private car: Be at Naama (on Higway 90) at 08:20 - See the map
  • By public transport: take the Egged 961 or 948 bus from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station; alight at the Naama bus stop
  • From there, an armoured bus will take us into Jericho at 08:30 prompt - security is assured by the IDF
  • Return to Naama at approx 12:00 noon.

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Shaharit prayer in the Naaran synagogue

Jericho - תפילה בבית הכנסת נערן ביריחו Shaharit prayer in Naaran - photo Ela Koblenz

A few times a month we hold a shaharit prayer in the ancient Naaran synagogue on the north-west edge of Jericho.

  • The prayers are normally held on a weekday morning every 10 to 15 days.
  • Contact Yoel Elitzur 054-7869067.

Read about the Naaran synagogue