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28th Nissan, the Anniversary of the Conquest of Jericho by Joshua


Jericho was conquered by Joshua on the 28th of Nissan. The People of Israel went round the walls of the city blowing ram's horns for 6 days; on the 7th day the walls were absorbed into the ground. We went round the entrances of the city blowing ram's horns, and then we went into the city, to the Shalom al Israel synagogue, where we had a Torah talk by Rav Itzhak Shapira.

Jericho is one of the oldest and lowest (244 meter below sea level) cities in the world, and the Jewish history of Jericho dates all the way back to the famous Biblical story of its miraculous capture by Joshua. In response to a Divine command, the Israelites encircled the city once a day for six days and seven times on the seventh day, in a procession that was led by seven priests with seven ram's horns and the Holy Ark. After the final encirclement on the seventh day, they blew trumpets and the people issued a great shout; the city's wall sank and the Israelites entered the city, burned and destroyed it and its contents, and killed its inhabitants (Joshua 6:1-21).

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